nicole sundheimer matusow, lcsw, clinical psychotherapist

I see couples who are not feeling connected or attuned to each other and individuals looking to find relief from anxiety, melancholy, or recurring patterns of self-defeating thoughts and feelings. As an artist, I also specialize in working with artists/creatives who might be dealing with a crisis of confidence and are struggling to connect with their craft.

What's my role? I listen, I'm present, I ask questions you haven't asked yourself before. Thinking about your life in a new way can help to raise your awareness about those things you'd like to change when you're outside the therapy room. We can sort through those feelings that plague you in your most vulnerable moments. We'll unpack the life experiences that have been making it difficult to get unstuck. And, all of the above without judgment or pressure.

Check out my approach and specialties (on the menu to the left) for more in-depth descriptions of how I work and who I work with.

I am experienced in a range of specialties, including:

  • couples therapy
  • artist/actor/ creativity issues
  • anxiety, stress, worry

  • sexual concerns/open relationships
  • childhood trauma
  • life transitions


  • Couples Therapy
    Relationship Issues
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    Whether you're having a crisis with your spouse or partner or hoping to fix what's been broken in your relationship, my first order of business is to help you communicate with each other in a productive way.

    Couples I've worked with often share the same sentiment: We thought we were communicating all this time. They weren't. I help couples rewire the lines of communication so there's no confusion or questions about what the other is trying to express.
  • Intimacy
    Sexual Issues
    sexual dysfunction, sexual desire issues, sex therapy, sexual anxiety, open relationship, polyamory, lgbtq, flatiron, nyc
    What's your association to sex? Is it desire, pleasure, or erotica? Or, alternatively, is it anxiety, self-doubt, or a past trauma? Your association to sex has everything to do with having a fulfilling sex life. In therapy, we'll unpack your sexual baggage and help you connect with your partner so that the stress associated with intimacy will no longer be a part of your repertoire.
  • Artists
    Creativity Highs and Lows
    artists, actors, photographers, producers, therapy, flatiron, nyc
    Fear of failure or lack of inspiration might be preventing you from taking next step in your career. Or maybe, as an artist in your craft, you'd like to get to know yourself better to free the parts of you that are dusty or rusty. Either way, I can help you get unstuck and unencumbered by whatever is preventing you from honing your skills and carving out your unique path.

    If you're lacking structure in your creative life, or something has been preventing you from moving forward, together we'll get you back on track by helping you identify and define how you want to be spending your days.
  • Anxiety
    Stress and Worry
    anxiety, worry, stress, excessive worry, lack of control, social anxiety, overwhelmed, social phobia, cbt, anxiety therapy, flatiron, nyc
    Excessive or constant worrying, stress, catastrophizing, sleep issues, stage fright, and feeling a lack of control are just some of the many manifestations of anxiety. These issues may be indicative of an underlying issue stemming from childhood or trauma. The treatment process might include both treating the symptoms and understanding the underlying causes of your anxiety.
  • Childhood
    Childhood Issues Affecting Adulthood
    childhood trauma, childhood issues, trauma therapy, psychodynamic therapist, flatiron, nyc
    From the moment we're born, we are affected by what goes on around us. In infancy, our mother (or caregiver) is our world, and we rely on her to get our needs met. We seem to be shaped by our early experiences, and we develop both functional and dysfunctional coping methods. Talk therapy can help uncover the maladaptive coping mechanisms that may have led to problematic patterns of behavior in adulthood.