• Nicole Matusow, LCSW

    NYC Licensed Relationship Psychotherapist

About Me & My Practice

I welcome couples and individuals who are dealing with anxiety, depression, intimacy or communication issues, infidelity, or the heartache of a break up. I also work with many artists/creatives looking to unpack their continuous procrastination and lack of focus in their work.

The quality of our relationships has a great deal to do with the quality of our lives. Connecting in a meaningful way can sometimes be a struggle, whether it's with your partner or love interest, or as an artist to your craft. And, let's not forget the relationship with yourself. In many ways, the relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. If you don't show up for yourself, how can you truly show up for others? Therapy is an invaluable step in the process of nurturing your needs and your worth.

In therapy, I actively listen, I ask questions you haven't asked yourself before, and I share observations. I see therapy as a collaborative process tailored to helping you find your voice and ensuring that your needs are met inside and outside the therapy room.

Whether it's your relationship with the people in your life or yourself, or with your life's calling, the work we do together will help you sort through the barriers that have been keeping you from being the best version of yourself.

My office is at 928 Broadway (at 21st Street) in the Flatiron area of Manhattan.

Call or text me at (646) 580-3123 or email me at nicole@nicolematusow.com to make an appointment.

My Approach

I use an eclectic mix of approaches centered around your needs:


Through talk therapy, you'll begin to create the awareness needed to create change outside the therapy room. Becoming mindful of your everyday thoughts, feelings, and behaviors will be the foundation of our work together.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT addresses self-defeating thoughts and actions that have been keeping you anxious or feeling down. We'll explore the automatic thoughts and emotions so you can break free from the cycle that's been keeping you stagnant.


Uncovering the conscious and unconscious causes of problematic patterns can help you break the patterns and move forward. Digging deeper into your recent and not-so-recent history is essential to feeling better and being more equipped to cope when these patterns come to the surface.


I am experienced in a range of specialties, including:

Couples Therapy/
Relationship Issues

Whether you're having a crisis with your spouse or partner or hoping to fix what's been broken in your relationship, my first order of business is to help you communicate with each other in a productive way.

Couples I've worked with often share the same sentiment: We thought we were communicating all this time. They weren't. I help couples rewire the lines of communication so there's no confusion or questions about what the other is trying to express.

If you're trying to cope after a break up or divorce, I'll be there to support you and help guide your grieving and healing process so you can function better in your daily life.


Fear of failure or lack of inspiration might be preventing you from taking next step in your career. Or maybe, as an artist in your craft, you'd like to get to know yourself better to free the parts of you that are dusty or rusty. Either way, I can help you get unstuck and unencumbered by whatever is preventing you from honing your skills and carving out your unique path.

If you're lacking structure in your creative life, or something has been preventing you from moving forward, together we'll get you back on track by helping you identify and define how you want to be spending your days.

Persistent Worry

Excessive or constant worrying, stress, catastrophizing, sleep issues, stage fright, and feeling a lack of control are just some of the many manifestations of anxiety.

These issues may be indicative of an underlying issue stemming from childhood or trauma. The treatment process might include both treating the symptoms and understanding the underlying causes of your anxiety.

Childhood Issues
Affecting Adulthood

From the moment we're born, we are affected by what goes on around us. In infancy, our mother (or caregiver) is our world, and we rely on her to get our needs met. We are shaped by our early experiences, and we develop both functional and dysfunctional coping methods.

Talk therapy can help uncover the maladaptive coping mechanisms that lead to self-defeating patterns in adulthood.

What to expect...

If you've googled "how to find a therapist in nyc" or "find a good therapist near me," you already know that it's no easy task sorting through the results. Maybe a little commentary on expectations can help you with your decision...

Group Therapy

If you'd like to join a group, please contact me at (646) 580-3123 or nicole@nicolematusow.com.

The Next Chapter: Childless Women by Choice or by Chance

Not being a mother doesn't have to define you. Whether circumstances or choice brought you to this moment, the stigma our culture places on childlessness can leave you feeling like you're "not enough." Share your personal history with relationships, career, family, friendships, and childlessness and hear those of other women who refuse to feel invisible. Let's start working on the next chapter...

Group for Artists/Creatives

Fear of failure or lack of inspiration might be preventing you from taking the next step in your career. Or maybe, as an artist in your craft, you'd like to get to know yourself better to free the parts of you that are dusty or rusty. Either way, this group will help you get unencumbered by whatever is preventing you from carving out your unique path. The group will provide the structure and accountability you need in your creative life, getting you back on track as you begin to identify and define how you want to be spending your days.

Group members include actors, writers, sketchers/painters, sculptors, musicians, digital artists, performance artists, photographers, and filmmakers.

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It took me a couple of hours to write this sentence. Yes, that sentence. The first one. I was distracted by social media, old family photos, my calendar reminders, a sink full of dishes, that hissing sound emanating from the radiator...and my own thoughts. My creative energy compelled me to open a blank page and start writing. Something seemed to lead me astray. Disorder set in, and I was everywhere but on this page. I’m back now.

Most of the creatives I encounter--both in my practice and personal life--feel stuck at some point or another.

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(In)visible Women

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